WKPP Diving Video's

Video Name Description Cost - GBP
Wakulla Springs  First Video. "A" Tunnel and some of "C"  15
Sally Ward  Upstream and Downstream in Numero Uno  15
Extreme Cave Diving  Wakulla "B" and Sally scenes  15
Best of the Best  Big Dismal, Indian, and Wakulla  15
Doing It Right  Gear rigging with diving scenes  15
The "Combo" Includes all 5 above videos 25
Doing It Right 98 Gear rigging with diving scenes part 2 30
Karst Diving Cave diving in Turkey 15
Halcyon Rebreather  Caving with semi-closed breathers  15

Doing it Right - Is the Kit Configuration video and is available by itself  - for those of you who have this tape, here is a transcript of Georges text used in the video

Doing it Right II - Is an update to the original Kit Configuration video and is available by itself.

The Karst video is a short film about the cave diving expedition to Turkey and shows not only the wonderful caves there but also the difficult terrain that had to be navigated to enable to dives to take place.

The Halcyon Rebreather tape is a short 20 min introduction into some of the new diving the WKPP are doing with the Halcyon Rebreather.

We have assembled a 2 hour compilation tape which is made up from five of the original WKPP tapes these are Wakulla Springs, Sally Ward Spring, Doing it right, Extreme Cave Diving and Best of the Best - this tape is best way to purchase the original DIR tape and to see the WKPP guys in action.

Please note these costs include all shipping charges within Europe and a small donation to WKPP to help them continue their goodwork and our education. If you are interested in buying a tape email me.

As with all the people who work along with the WKPP we make no profit from doing this work, we do it with the approval of the WKPP and so that as many people in Europe can get exposure to the great work and diving the team are doing.

George M. Irvine III
WKPP Director
Woodville Karst Plain Project
1400 SE 11 ST
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316
954-493-6655 FAX 6698

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